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Trust or Distrust: It Is Your Choice

Kerry Larkan

Australia & Hong Kong

Recently I attended a HR conference and listened to a number of speakers talk about various aspects of HR and business in Hong Kong and China. What struck me at the end of the day was the lack of the word "trust" in all but two presentations. Teams and business is surely based on trust and yet here were the HR practitioners of major companies failing to mention what is a critical ingredient in successful business.

You can even measure how much trust exists in a business or a team. Knowing the answer is a vital metric in going forward if you want to build a more productive business. Without trust you will have a negative or counter productive culture, poor staff engagement and poor commitment. I am intrigued how when people advertise and interview for positions they regularly promise things they know will never come to fruition. This is the most sure fire way to disengage an enthusiastic new starter whose productivity then either plateaus or worst still decreases. Finally it should come as no surprise that they often leave. It might take a year or two or even more.

When you advertise a position are you realistic?

Do you offer standard rates or a creative package to attract talented applicants?

Do you interview more than once, in fact the best employer interview up to 5 times?

Do you check-out CV's for accuracy (not all employees are honest)?

Do you show people their work environment or are you embarrassed?

Do you allow them to speak to another employee?

Three, six and twelve months after starting do you check for satisfaction?

Do you deliver on promises?

A student once asked Confucius: "Master is there a single word one can practice throughout ones life?" The Master said: "It is perhaps like-hearted considerateness." What you do not wish for yourself, do not impose on others.