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Prof. Dr. Malcolm McDonald

5 Key Management Lessons for Success

This Masterclass will include:

1. Introductory comments, that will include the pointlessness of P&L statements in
the absence of market-based information; the wide range of B2B relationships
and their impact on profitability; marketing and factors for success; the contents
of value propositions

2. Ten Questions that will include market definition; sophisticated needs-based
market segmentation; defining differential advantage; setting profit-maximising
marketing objectives and strategies; assessing quantitatively strategy risk

3. Calculating whether the strategy creates or destroys shareholder value; measuring
the effectiveness of marketing expenditure with the right marketing metrics

4. All the topics will be illustrated with real life examples from companies such as
3M, GE, P&G, Tetrapak and the like

5. Appendix containing post-conference exercises for delegates.