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Management Conversations Day Debates for Great Minds


Welcome to the Management Event of the Year in Pakistan

Dear Colleague

We take great pleasure in welcoming you to the “MANAGEMENT CONVERSATIONS DAY: Debates for Great Minds” on Saturday, April 4, 2015 from 0830 hours to 1730 hours at Marriott Hotel, Karachi, Pakistan. Theme for this MANAGEMENT EVENT OF THE YEAR IN PAKISTAN is “The BIG Rethink”.

Nutshell Forum's MANAGEMENT CONVERSATIONS DAY will make its debut in Karachi to debate how radical business practices can disrupt the status-quo of expectations. The event will bring together five hundred professionals from fast-growing companies for conversations on these disruptive business models, and how it can transform Pakistan market in industry after industry.

Join MANAGEMENT CONVERSATIONS DAY for a day of stimulating discussion and debate. We push the debate beyond board rooms and learn from real-world leaders who are driving profits and contributing to global expectations.

MANAGEMENT CONVERSATIONS DAY will bring together some of today's biggest Pakistani and regional names to offer high-level analysis about the business world today. Speakers include founders and CEOs of fast-growing companies, icons in the business community, parliamentarians, policy makers, management gurus, future thinkers, innovators, writers, leading academics and movers and shakers of civil society.

MANAGEMENT CONVERSATIONS DAY features intensive debates, keynote talks, conversations, interviews, interactive entertainment and hard talk.

We're looking forward to great food, great music, and great conversations with great colleagues – and that, we hope, includes you! See you in KARACHI at MANAGEMENT CONVERSATIONS DAY – Debates for Great Minds!


Muhammad Azfar Ahsan
CEO - Nutshell Forum