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Management Conversations Day Debates for Great Minds

Key Highlights


Keynote talks by Luminaries from Business, Civil Society and Academia,

Futurist Keynote: Imagining the Unimaginable

Ministerial Keynote: Pakistan at Crossroads Today, Tomorrow & Beyond to 2025

Thought Leader Keynote: Educating Pakistan's Future Generation

Corporate Interview: The BIG Rethink

In Conversation: Digital Democracy, Digital Economy, Digital Society

In Conversation: Courage in Uncertainty

Bankers & Financial Leaders Dialogue: Financial Innovation

Entrepreneurs Dialogue: Incentivizing Innovation - Creating an Ecosystem for Entrepreneurs & SMEs to Thrive

Pharma Leaders Dialogue: Innovating Responsibly

Corporate Leaders Dialogue: Reorganizing C-Suite Priorities

Marketing Leaders Dialogue: Brand & the Reputation in the Digital Age

Women Leaders Dialogue: Creating New Leadership for a Gender-Agnostic Ecosystem

Technology Leaders Dialogue: Building the Digital Future

Industry Management Best Practices / Local Success Stories,

Breakfast Briefing, and

Interactive Entertainment