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Bilal Jaffery - Profile

Bilal Jaffery
Executive Chairman,
Digital Transformation & Experience Standards Association, Canada

Bilal is an award winning industry recognized transformation executive with 10+ years of strong track record in successful brand, marketing and digital transformation of Fortune 500s like IBM, Epson, Tech Data, Bell Canada, Siemens Enterprise Communications to Silicon Valley growth brands like Enterasys and Extreme Networks.

Bilal is also an Executive Chairman of Digital Transformation and Experience Standards Association, a nonprofit dedicated to advancing the art and science of digital transformation and user experience. The organization exists to help businesses and individuals illuminate and overcome the challenges of digital transformation, providing a standard for excellent user experience, talent resourcing and related areas that including data acquisition, exploration, deduction and application.

Bilal has been awarded prestigious digital and social technologies award, Groundswell, by Forrester, industry's top analyst firm, twice in his career for leading world's best digital projects that drive business goals successfully. From saving $100 million a year at IBM to accelerating sales by utilizing social and cloud technologies at Enterasys Networks to drive record breaking NPS of 81.

Some of other innovative and groundbreaking work has been recognized as industry's best practices by Forrester, CRMNews, Forbes, AOL, Fast Company, Mashable, SocialMediaToday, Web 2.0 Expo, CIO Forum & in academia by University of Toronto, University of Sydney, University Waterloo & University of NY and most recently in "The World Gone Social" book.

Well experienced in development of holistic digital centric programs that leverage data rich & insight generating activities to increase the effectiveness of offline & online experiences. The result is a multi-channel integrated experience which increases effectiveness, relevance, and investment impact across business units.

Bilal started his online career in mid 90's by founding an award winning startup that offered cloud and social media we experience today. He is an active blogger and can be reached on variety of social media networks.