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Opinion Leaders Conversation Day

Key Highlights


Ministerial Keynote: Digital Policy-making and the Role of the Government towards Digital Pakistan

Futurist Keynote: Digital Future The Internet of Things

Thought Leader Keynote: Enabling Digital Ecosystem for Sectoral Value Chain Digitalization

Corporate Interview: The BIG Rethink

In Conversation: Leadership in the Digital Economy

In Conversation: Rethinking Education for a Digital World

In Conversation: Healthcare in the Digital Age

In Conversation: FinTech: Disrupting the Future

In Conversation: Customer Experience in the Digital Age

Afternoon Keynote: How Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizes Business

Valedictory Keynote: Scaling Design Thinking Across the Organization

Dialogue: Brand & the Reputation in the Digital Age

Dialogue: Re-imaging Leadership & Management for the Digital Workforce

Dialogue: Building the Talent Divide Demand-Driven Education for a Diverse Workforce

Industry Management Best Practices / Local Success Stories, and Interactive Entertainment