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Kerry Larkan

Kerry Larkan

Australia & Hong Kong

A successful business career has led to an equally successful consulting and speaking career. Now speaking at conferences and consulting in the region, Kerry relocated to Hong Kong to live and work. He is spreading the word throughout the region on how to develop a sustainable employment brand that maximizes workforce engagement.

He has become one of Asia and Australia’s most respected speakers in this field. His latest book "The Talent War" is receiving a lot of positive comment and great reviews.

Kerry Larkan has become one of Australia’s most respected sales & customer service trainer/speaker. His recently released book "Sell and Grow Rich" has been received too much acclaim.

His mission is to promote a spirit of self determination and to foster an environment of truth and openness for people to learn and grow. We are concerned with helping companies and individuals to improve their productivity and to contribute to maximum levels of profitability.

Kerry works with people and organizations to improve:
Development of employment brand
Leadership development
Organizational development
Mergers and acquisitions
Team development
Frontline skills development
He works as a Consultant, Speaker and Mentor helping both individuals and companies.

Kerry has worked with various different companies and organizations across many industries throughout Australia and Asia. His presentation style is informative, insightful and can even be confrontational. His presentations have led numerous people to some remarkable results. Shifting people’s thinking, raising their confidence and improving their productivity.

Since 1994 Kerry has run his own business, which means he knows what it takes to be successful. He has managed teams of people from two to 510, which means he knows how to inspire people to achieve.

He has also board level experience as a past director of the National Board of the National Speakers Association of Australia, which means he’s reliable and trustworthy.

A productive business career in sales, marketing and general management, which means he can inspire through his knowledge and expertise.

As a speaker and MC, he offers tremendous flexibility for any conference or meeting planner. Kerry takes great pride and care in working closely with conference and event stakeholders to clarify the results they want, and to maximize the outcomes on the day. His presentation style is informative, humorous, insightful and even confrontational - encouraging people to think and even more importantly to take action.