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Dr. Margaret S. Gremli

Dr. Margaret S. Gremli

UK & Singapore

Dr. Margaret S. Gremli is a principal trainer of MDi Pakistan. She is an international management consultant. She is one of the most trusted consultants on Human Resource Management. She is an experienced trainer, writer and researcher whose experience includes working in Europe, Canada, the USA and Australia as well as in several countries of South East Asia specially in Singapore and Malaysia. Her clients include large corporate organizations, multinationals, banks, airlines, ministries, statutory boards, tertiary institutions, hospitals, manufacturing organization, hotels and IT companies.

Dr. Gremli is a PhD in Professional Development and Adult Education from Michigan State University. She specializes in developing HRD policies, conducting training needs analysis, as well as designing and evaluating training systems and training programs. Her special interest is in focused HRD interventions and program evaluation.

She has created and delivered numerous custom leadership development programs for many world-class organizations. Dr. Gremli has trained as an individual and group counselor and uses her expertise in MBTI training to enrich many of her management development programs.

She teaches audiences how to become the perfect leader at all times, rather than a perfect leader in isolated situations. She share with audiences her secrets for building cohesion among people of diverse backgrounds and personalities and how to keep them focused on the same goal. She is a British national as well as a Swiss national.