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Brad Tonini

Brad Tonini


Brad Tonini has had over 12 years experience running his own businesses - NGT Executive Diaries is one of Australia’s leading Diary / Organiser companies whilst Tonini Business Coaches runs workshops on Time Management and Entrepreneurship. Brad also writes monthly newsletters and delivers many keynote presentations at conferences each year on business building strategies.

Brad is the publisher of the highly practical and successful newsletter "Time Management" and has written two books "Time for Life" and "Make it Happen NOW!".

Tonini Business Coaches has numerous businesses coaching clients who work with Brad to achieve their personal goals and the goals of their organisation.

There are three levels of coaching available to small and medium sized business:

Platinum Coaching Program
Gold Coaching Program
Silver Coaching Program
Depending on your prefered investment level and outcomes you are striving for, we can talor-make our coaching to your needs.

Coaching packages can consist of face to face visits as well as telephone consultations to fax, email and phone support month to month.

In each individual coaching session a number of outcomes will be achieved:

A review of previous actions from the last coaching session.
An overview of the current business situation.
Strategic decisions that need to be under-taken.
Brainstorming for a range of solutions
New actions developed for next month’s coaching.
A number of areas can be covered in the monthly coaching program:
A Strategic Game Plan for the business.
A Business Success Audit.
Cash fl ows, budgeting and projections.
Marketing the Business
Developing a C.R.M. (Customer Relationship Management System).
Personal and Team issues
Entrepreneur Leadership issues
Customer or Supplier issues